Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Welcome to the Glittering Pointe

Hello everyone and welcome to the launch of the GlitteringPointe! A project following months of prep work that's made me even more excited about our potential adventures!

In a dancers life there are only so many hours in a day to contribute to other hobbies he/she loves. Which is unfortunate considering that besides ballet, coffee and chocolate, I'm also a sucker for books, beauty, fashion and writing!

During a brainstorming session on how to find time for my hobbies, a light bulb (finally) went off. Ballet dancers often spend their days locked away in the studio--sweaty and sporting leotards, tights and warm ups. Recently, dance photography in swanky fashion apparel has become really popular. And all one has to do to see the effect ballet has on the fashion industry is step out to their local department store. So, while it would be easy to bring ballet to fashion as most dancers do on Instagram, twitter, Facebook, etc, I want more. I want to bring fashion back to ballet with a little bit of writing mixed in.

This is how I stand apart.

I aspire to review the things you love (or that you will hopefully grow to love) - whether you're a student, professional or just a balletomane taking class. I will review ballet fashion, beauty, fitness and even healthy snacks. We will look at mainstream dance wear apparel as well as the ever expanding world of bespoke dance wear created "for dancers by dancers".

I'll keep you up-to-date on the "in" fashion colors, prints and fabrics and where you can look to get something that will set you apart. I want to make you as bold in your studio attire as the girl on the subway - who's sporting a sock bun and her favorite Manolos with a tulle skirt in the latest trendy colors. I will also take you into the bathrooms of some of our fellow dancers to find out what their beauty routines are to maintain a fresh face throughout the dance season. On top of it all, I'm even going to throw in some rockin' rehearsal-ready snacks!

To kick off the launch, I'd like to announce our first Foot Stretcher giveaway winner - something I hope becomes a staple synonymous with the GlitteringPointe.

So, without further ado, our Memorial Day shabby chic foot stretcher winner is Daniela Colon. Congratulations and I hope you enjoy your new fashionable gear!

I'd like to take a moment to also thank everyone who entered, I'm awed by the number. That said, keep an eye out for future foot stretcher giveaways!

...and remember: Don't stop until you've reached your Glittering Pointe.

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